Mountain Bike - Mount Fertazza

Schwierigkeitsgrad medium Länge4.30 km to the Rifugio Fertazza - 9 km complete Tour

From the parking in Pescul starts this excursion  will take us to the Refuge Fertazza 1839m. At the end of the car park on the left take the pavel road n.569, the track climbs ever so slightly to the acrossing of Costaza 1565m. We always keep the dirt roed overcome some turns and after a last tract we arrive at the Refuge. Return along the same path or we can choose a slightly more demanding variant. From the refuge, we take the path that is close the start of the second chairlift we follow the indication Col de la Montagna and later Col de la Chiza 1663 m . We come back in the dirt road that will take us to the Bivio Costaza returning to the dirt road we covered the first leg up to Pescul.

  • Rastplätze: refuge Fertazza
Warnung: a detailed map of the area is recommended
Zusätzliche Hinweise: a detailed map of the area is recommended
  • dirty road path trail Beschaffenheit des Bodens
  • parking in Pescul Ausgangspunkt
  • Rifugio Fertazza Ankunftspunkt
  • late spring summer autumn Empfohlener Zeitraum
  • high Beliebtheit