Mountain Bike the Civetta

Schwierigkeitsgrad difficult Länge24 km

From Pescul where we can choose to climb to the top of Mount Fertazza or by chairlift or by the dirty road n. 569. From the top after admiring the magnificent view, we follow the path 566 towards Col di Davegnin and then follow the signs for Lagusello, this very technical trail features some very demanding passages. Arrived at the small village of Lagusello go down to Caprile this stretch is also very challenging. From Caprile to the paved road that runs along the road we come to Lake of Alleghe and we head to the gondola that climbs up to Col dei Baldi at 1915M. From the hill we take the path that first bring to Casera Vescovà and next to Malga Fontanafreda. We continue for a short flat stretch up to Forcella Pecol here is the most difficult stretch, a short technical descent and demanding to be approached with caution in case of wet ground, passed this point the dirt road takes us to the locality Bosc de Fuoie. Turn left and shortly we return on the road that takes us back to Pescul.

  • Rastplätze: Alpine Huts
Warnung: a detailed map of the area is recommended
Zusätzliche Hinweise: a detailed map of the area is recommended
  • dirty road path trail asphalt road Beschaffenheit des Bodens
  • parking in Pescul Ausgangspunkt
  • parking in Pescul Ankunftspunkt
  • late spring summer autumn Empfohlener Zeitraum
  • medium Beliebtheit