Agritourism Malga Stia

Sede legale / registered office / Geschäftssitz: via Soia, 10 - 32020 Canale d'Agordo (BELLUNO) +39 338 4801464

Malga Stia is a charming agritourism/mountain hut located at an altitude of 1785 metres above the sea level in the beautiful and wild Val di Gares (in the Municipality of Canale d'Agordo, BL), in the geographic heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Natural heritage Site; Malga Stia is currently the last mountain pasture of the Gares Valley still used for cattle grazing, a fact that connects the present management of Malga Stia to the great centuries-old breeding tradition of this marvellous place. The Agritourism Malga Stia, recently renovated, lies on a verdant plain at the foot of the Cimon della Stia and it offers to its guests an outstanding view on the peaks of the Pale di San Martino, the third of the nine official areas belonging to this UNESCO World Heritage Site (what the guests can admire at the Malga Stia is: Punta del Rosetta, the San Martino plateau - characterized by its great extension, almost 50 km at an altitude included between the 2500 and the 2800 metres, the Lastei del Focobon, the Agner group, Cima Pape, Civetta and Antelao). Malga Stia is located in the untouched natural setting of the Gares Valley scenically of the most beautiful in the Dolomites: in this oasis of peace and beauty, flora and fauna contiune undisturbed their existence away from mankind, in a suggestive and fascinating place in which time seems to have stopped and where it is very easy to rediscover the high value of natural life and to appreciate the rich nature of the Dolomites in every seasons of the year. Malga Stia can be reached easily on foot (in almost 45 minutes) or on horseback (Malga Stia is indeed equipped with fences and mangers specifically set up for the horse riding enthusiasts) thanks to an easy and charming dirt road that crosses a wood full of floral species and lichens which, as you may know, are a symptom of the air and environmental purity of the Gares Valley. At Malga Stia it is possible to taste the many delicious culinary proposals inspired by the Agordino traditional cooking and enriched by the warm influence of the Mediterranean recipes sitting on the ample panoramic terrace or around the charming hearth inside the mountain hut; each dish is prepared with local artisan products of the Biois valley, with products of own production and with ingredients given by the pleasant nature of the beautiful Val di Gares. Nearby Malga Stia, guests can visit the Naturalistic Museum, an exhibition space entirely dedicated to the many variants of the local flora and fauna; during the touristic seasons, this space houses events, cultural meetings, seminars on well-being and proper nutrition. At Malga Stia, the little guests of the Gares Valley and their families will find many nice animals; Malga Stia deals indeed with the natural breeding of cows, horses, donkeys,sheeps, chickens, pigs, goats and geese, grown exclusively in the wild and fed with 100% natural products. Furthermore, three friendly cats are included in the list of the inhabitants of the farm. The Agritourism Malga Stia offers to its guests the possibility to bivouac on site and it is open from June (when snow starts to melt) to the end of September, when the animals are led to the valley floor and they take part in the huge amazing transhumance festival of Falcade and the Biois Valley, that is "Se Desmonteghea".

The Gares Valley (Val di Gares) is a beautiful and wild landlocked valley that follows the Liera Stream for 7 km from the suggestive village of Canale d'Agordo towards southwest; this place is particularly evocative and allows to spend a pleasant day surrounded by nature but, at the same time, relatively close to the services that a family needs to have. In addition to the enjoyable walk to Malga Stia (45 minutes from the village of Gares) and beyond (Forcella Stia), the valley floor offers a wonderful biotope consisting of a beautiful wooden walkway that surrounds a picturesque lake; this area is surrounded by verdant meadows and is equipped with many grills and brand-new picnic tables. Nearby the biotope, in winter there are the tracks of the "Franco Manfroi" Cross-Country Ski Centre; in summer, on the other hand, guests can enjoy many pleasant walks on the valley floor suitable for the whole family. On the valley floor, guests can find many boulders affected by climbing routes: if you do love to climb, the Gares Valley hosts every year an unmissable climbing meeting, "Appigli Sotto il Muschio". The ancient village of Gares, founded as dwelling place for the miners of the valley (Gares is probably the most ancient mining site of the Agordino area), houses a fine little church dated 1732 and many interesting historic buildings; among the many natural beauties of the valley, in addition to the majestic peaks of the Dolomites and to the verdant nature, there is also the imposing Comelle Waterfall. Gares is connected to Canale d'Agordo from the State Road and from an enjoyable cycle lane.

Canale d'Agordo is the birthplace of Albino Luciani, better known as Pope John Paul I (1978); in this place, guests can visit an interesting exhibit dedicated to the pope and housed momentarily in the vicarage of the church of Canale; the church dedicated to St. John the Baptist is full of priceless artistic masterpieces like the wood altar by Dante Moro and the one credited to Andrea Brustolon and a centuries-old pipe organ by Gaetano Callido. Canale d'Agordo is furthermore the birthplace of the first brewery and of the first cooperative dairy factory of Italy; in the small Tancon square, guests can admire the oldest building of the village, dated 1640 (the "Casa delle Regole" - the House of Rules) and right behind it the Garden of Memory, a monumental path dedicated to the Fallen and Missing of the Russian campaign during WW2. In Canale and in the whole Biois Valley there a surprisingly high number of original wood barns of the Dolomites, the "tabià"; in this place there are indeed more than 300 barns still standing, a number which as no equal in the whole dolomitic area. Canale d'Agordo is very closed to the renowned winter and summer holiday resort of Falcade; guests can reach it even on foot following a pleasant cycle lane through the wood, the so-called "Cavalera".

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