Around Alleghe

From the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites to the Serrai of Sottoguda , discover the wonders around Alleghe.

Ancient buildings reminiscent of Ottoman architecture and legends telling of inhabitants from far off lands: Caracoi and Bramezza, two small villages which have been almost completely abandoned, reveal an unusual chapter in the history of the valley, a past marked by exile and imprisonment.

According to popular tradition, Ottoman prisoners of war were sent here by the Venetian Republic to serve out their sentences.

The ancient hamlet of Bramezza is a truly unique place in the Dolomites with its rare Islamic architecture set against the marvellous backdrop of Monte Civetta and the green waters of Lake Alleghe.  

Just a couple of miles from Alleghe is Serrai di Sottoguda, a deep canyon hewn out of the rock by the mountain stream Pettorina, a wonder of nature created over the centuries and now a nature reserve.

Open all year round, the canyon is particularly spectacular in winter with its vertical walls and fairytale frozen waterfalls tinged with myriad shades of blue and the muffled silence typical of the season - an unforgettable thrill.

The town of Agordo, on the road to Alleghe, and the San Lucano Valley, amid mountains and charming valleys, are two more examples of interesting and stunning scenery.

In the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites, just follow the old paths made by the miners and you will reach the mines of the Imperina Valley.

There you can visit the buildings where they used to process the minerals and the entrances to the tunnels, and learn about the lives, marked by sweat and toil, of the hundreds of coal miners who lived there. These are just some of the wonders you can discover around Alleghe.

Events in Alleghe