Arabba, piazzale funivia Portavescovo

You start off from the large parking lot at the bottom of the Porta Vescovo cable car lift and climb Westward along the dirt road on the right bank of the Cordevole torrent, parallel to the curvy provincial road n° 48. At Pont de Vauz ( after 2.63 km ) yuo leave the dirt road and take the asphalt until you come to a junction on the left, located between the 23rd and 24th turn, that turns into another dirt road. Follow this wide trail to the top of the climb, which ends under the line for the Porta Vescovo cable car; you will see the arrival station high to the right. Continue on a descent to the left following the dirt road to the intermediary station of the cable lift (which is closed in summer). From here we head east along a path that isn't evident at first, but which quickly becomes a well marked trail that marks a pleasant yet hairy descent to Col d’Ornella. From here, on asphalt, we go all the way down to the bottom of the valley, crossing the Cordevole torrent and riding back up to Al Forte. From here, taking the provincial road n° 48 to our left, we arrive in Arabba and finish our tour.


a detailed map of the area is recommended

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20,87 km
Asphalt road and off road