Arabba, piazzale funivia Portavescovo

It's an easy ride up with the Porta Vescovo cable lift. When we get off we head East, following the signs that read Sentiero Geologico di Arabba and in the constant presence of the majestic Marmolada glacier, we reach the higher altitudes at the Rifugio del Passo Padon chalet. Here we change slopes and, heading North, we begin the rough decent which is worth taking on with caution for the first 6/700 metres, after which it winds along more easily on the gentle fields of Monti Alti di Ornella until it comes to a junction that merges onto a more significant dirt road. From here, taking the left, we climb all the way to Col Vescovo, from where we descent along the dirt road until we come to a path on the left marked n° 680 ( single track ) which does not present significant inclines as it takes us to the village of Lezuo. From here we climb towards Passo Pordoi following the brief asphalt stretch of provincial road n° 48. The following descent towards Arabba will take place along paths and ski slopes, along a route of about 6 km. that is never particularly difficult.


a detailed map of the area is recommended

Rest points

Arabba - Rifugio Padon


20,35 km
Asphalt road and off road