Trekking - Historic Path "Viel dal Pan"

4 ore circa
Passo Pordoi

This itinerary develops without too much difficulty on the Southern side of the crest that from Portavescovo arrives at the Passo Pordoi, offering spectacular views on the Marmolada and  Fedaia Lake. The name of this trail comes from its ancient tradition as a major business artery. The starting point for this trail is at the arrival of the Portavescovo cable lift; from here on a slight downhill the trail marked 601 goes along the mountain ridge in the direction of Passo Pordoi. The itinerary’s altimetry is not too difficult and there is wonderful scenery. Looking down you can see Fedaia Lake dominated by the impressive Marmolada Glacier, a view that will accompany us along our trek. When we come near a lodge the trail will lead down to Passo Pordoi from where you can return to Arabba, there is also a regular bus. The trail remains at a constant altitude around 2500m and there are many refreshment areas. The trail was once travelled by caravans hauling goods from the nearby Val di Fassa to the Val Cordevole and was considered safer that the lower valley. It was then abandoned, only to be recuperated in the early 1900’s by  the German Alpinist Karl Bindel, and today it is still remembered with the name "Bindelweg".

The best way to do "Viel dal pan" is following the track from Passo Pordoi way Portavescovo, the Marmolada is everytime in front of you.


From Passo Pordoi, go back to Arabba by foot of by public transports

Rest points

Rifugi di montagna


Trekking shoes, mountain wear


Lato meridionale della cresta che da Porta Vescovo arriva al Passo Pordoi
Beaten track
2500 m
Positive elevation gain
330 m
Best time