Andraz - Sass de Bèita

Località Castello di Andraz

Sass de Bèita in Arabba is a nice, well-known and popular cliff; it is considered a summer cliff, for its height and exposition.
The tracks are short (max 20 m)  as they have been traced on big rocks. The nailing is very good, mainly fix or resin ( there are also some handmade tags). The rock is dolomite, sometimes dark and compact, sometimes kneaded. The climbing is on plates going from  the leaned to the more vertical walls. The areas with the greatest numbers of tracks, which are also the most repeated, are the Sass de Beita and  the Sass della Galleria.

Principianti (5a = UK 4a and YDS 5.5) - Sass de Beita;
Giulia (6a = UK 5a and YDS 5.9) - Sass de Beita;
Arianna (6a+ = UK 5a and YDS 5.10a) - Sass de Beita;
Aracne (6b = UK 5b and YDS 5.10b) - Sass della Galleria (south);
Ara (6c = UK 5c and YDS 5.10d) - Sass della Galleria (south);
Feriada (6b = UK 5b and YDS 5.10b) - Sass della Galleria (south);
Art Attack (7a+ = UK 6b and YDS 5.12a) - Sass della Galleria (north);
Free Frenk (7b+ = UK 6d and YDS 5.12b) - Sass della Galleria (north);
Fabulosa (7a = UK 6a/6b and YDS 5.11c/d) - Sass della Galleria (north);
Vacuum (7b+ = UK 6d and YDS 5.12b) - Sass della Galleria (north).

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