Wellness&Beauty Center Country Club


The Country Club wellbeing centre has everything you need for a totally relaxing experience.

A wellness course in 5 stages:

  • The first hut has a biosauna with mountain perfumes and essences.
  • You then go on to the Turkish bath, ideal for the airways thanks to its 100-degree steam.
  • Then you come to the Aufguss sauna.
  • At the fourth stage, you can admire the panorama from the hydromassage with its glassed dome.
  • Finally, there’s the infrared ray bed, particularly suitable for contractures and aching muscles.

There is a large area inside, equipped with couches and a ceramic oven, where you can relax and sip a hot tisane.
The Country Club is also a beauty parlor, with lamp treatments for face and body as well as massages.