The ethnographic museum of Goima

Musei e Offerta Culturale

How the Museum was born and what if has to offer

In Goima in 1986 a group of people founded the Cultural Institute of the Valley of Goima and set up a museum with the objective of gathering and putting together, in a complete and orderly way, all that remains as witness to the way of life and work of their ancestors. The museum is divided into a number of sections which carefully reconstruct uses and customs of the past.

One section is devoted to fibres and spinning with an interesting overview dedicated to costumes and shoes while a faithful reconstruction of antique kitchen shelves is complete with buckets for water, ladles, spoons, plates, cooking pots and various receptacles.

We then move on to an area dedicated to animal breeding and dairy farming followed by a section on old photographs bearing witness to how Goima was between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.

For information about visits for schools and groups: +39 0437.78144