The Iron and Nail museum

Musei e Offerta Culturale

The Museum of Iron and Nails is in fact dedicated in particular to the nail makers and blacksmiths of the Zoldo Valley and is to be found in the ancient palace of the Capitaniato, a building closely linked to the town’s past. On two floors, the museum focuses on a not too distant past, from which it is still possible to reconstruct the names of the protagonists, their knowledge and their activities.

The museum offers an opportunity to look at this valley through different eyes, recognising the traces of the development of generations of men and women, who with their determination and ability knew how to live in this difficult, but beautiful, territory. The exhibition is made up of several sections. On the ground floor a few pictures and texts narrate the story of the environment and natural resources of the men and women of the valley. A historical summary, indicating the dates which had a bearing on local mining and iron working activities, offers the visitor a glimpse of some fundamental aspects of the Zoldo Valley.

On the upper floor, in one large area, photographs, reproductions of documents from the archives, objects from the old mines, through the activities of the smelting furnaces and sledge hammers, accompany the narrative leading to the production of nails from the 1800s to the 1900s. On this aspect of more recent history, the story slows down to leave room for the oral testimonials, for the exhibition of the tools of the nail maker and the variety of nails on show. A series of photographs shows the phases in the making of the typical triangular shaped shoe nail.

Finally, the presence of a cart on show becomes the symbol of the mobility and enterprise which has distinguished the people of the Zoldo Valley. In the history of this Museum, strongly desired and supported by the Municipal Administration of Forno di Zoldo, an important role was played by the Giovanni Angelini Foundation and in particular by Giovanni and Andrea Angelini who have contributed, by their research and studies, to make this valley’s past known and to whom the museum is dedicated.

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