Restaurant Tabià

Canale d'Agordo

Restaurant Tabià is located in the beautiful and characteristic hamlet of Feder, in the heart of the Biois Valley, among the natural and artistic treasures of this area. Founded in 1973, the Tabià strikes immediately because of its structure, obtained from the restoration of one of the more than 300 traditional barns (the so-called 'tabià' in fact), masterpieces of craftsmanship  that one can still admire in the valley.

Restaurant Tabià is famous above all for the taste of its typical dishes and for the fidelity of their preparation to the original traditional recipes of the Agordino valleys. The ancient barns that hosts nowadays the restaurant, built in 1888, has been renovated, creating a cozy ambience endowed with two dining rooms; the warmth of wood, the smell of cooking and flavours of the mountain are the ideal preconditions for a journey through the many typical products of the Province of Belluno. By observing the furnishings of the restaurant you can go back to the atmosphere of the recent past of the valley: the dinig rooms are decorated with antique tools for the making of dairy products and of everyday life, like a traditional wooden spinning wheel, the old "pegna" (a tool used for the production of butter) with many moulds, ancient kitchen utensils; outside the Restaurant you can admire a copper pot in which cheese was baked and an old wooden wheelbarrel, both adorned with flowers, as well as an old plow.

The family-run Restaurant has over 40 years of experience and passion for the tradition; the menus are followed personally by the owner, Mrs. Amelia. Among the many delights that you can taste at Restaurant Tabià, some deserves certainly a special mention, like the homemade potatoes dumplings with smocked ricotta or with fresh ricotta and walnuts, the typical 'polenta' (cornmeal mush) with pastim (minced pork and veal meet with spices and garlic), tagliatelle with wild sauce and mushrooms, pumpkin and spinach rolls, local types of cheese, deer chops and much more. Don't miss the excellent homemade desserts like the apple strudel, the poppy seeds strudel or the traditional Kaiserschmarrn.