September in Cortina

September is the ideal month to visit Cortina d'Ampezzo and the magnificent Dolomites. Not only is this when the weather starts to cool off and fade into fall, there is also a variety of fun and exciting things to do that you and your family are sure to love.

This time of year the crisp autumn air brings a new energy to the mountain and the famous Dolomite hospitality can be be experienced at its most authentic. 

Savour the flavours of the local cuisine in the many welcoming MOUNTAIN HUTS, several of which can easily be reached using the LIFT FACILITIES. Enjoy your favourite OUTDOOR ACTIVITY, or simply indulge in a SPA BREAK. Above all, do not miss our delicious EVENTS!


Mountain huts

Famous Dolomite hospitality and local kitchen

Outdoor activites and open lifts

There are numerous outdoor activities that are even more beautiful to practice in the quiet of the mountain of September.

Hiking, mtb tours, via ferrata to discover the colors of the forest that changes and prepares for winter.

Don't miss

Yummy events
Exhibitions and cultural events
Alternative experiences

Take a break

high altitude...
...and SPA