Climbing up to the summit of mount Antelao

The King of the Dolomites is the second highest summit in these UNESCO-listed mountains, reaching 3,264 m.
It is the highest peak in the Cadore district, perfectly visible from Cortina d’Ampezzo. It was climbed for the first time in 1850. 
The summit can be reached by setting out from the Rifugio Scoter mountain lodge in San Vito di Cadore. The route’s total length is about 10 kilometres, with a total ascent of 1,700 m. In order to enjoy this experience in total safety, it is advisable to contact one of the three Mountain Guide Offices present in the Ampezzo valley.
It is a very challenging route, suitable only for expert climbers. Before setting out, the snow cover’s conditions have to be assessed. The equipment carried should include ice-axe, crampons, ski crampons and helmet. 

Climbing up to the summit of mount Pelmo

Also named el Caregón de 'l Pareterno (“The Throne of the Eternal Father”) due to its shape created by a vast glacial cirque, it was the first mountain in the Dolomites to be climbed.
This is a challenging and panoramic route that enables you to reach one of the most symbolic peaks of the Dolomites. From the top you have a breath-taking view of mounts Civetta and Moiazza, and the surrounding valleys. 
This is a challenging route because of its considerable total ascent and length. It is technically difficult with grade II sections and numerous exposed segments. It is advisable to perform the climb accompanied by one of Cortina’s many Mountain Guides. 

Alpago Paragliding

From the launch site, you can admire the views over the Alpago basin.
The free-flying school present at this location is one of the first of such schools in Italy. It offers a unique occasion to discover the Alpago habitat from above, with views of the forests, mountains and lake Santa Croce. 

Climbing up to Punta Penia

This is the highest point of mount Marmolada, also known as “Queen of the Dolomites” because it is the highest mountain (3,343 m) in the range.
The climb starts from the Rifugio Pian dei Fiaconi mountain lodge. The north face of Marmolada has the characteristics typical of high mountains: scree, talus, icefields and crests. The normal route leading up to Punta Penia (3,342 m) comprises all these conditions, in addition to a section of equipped climbing route.
The climb is steep and tiring, but it is well worth it for the satisfaction of reaching the top of such an imposing mountain: Marmolada, the highest peak of the Dolomites. 
It is always advisable to seek help from the Mountain Guides. 

Canyoning in the province of Belluno

Enchanting valleys, deep canyons, the sound of rushing water, and nature offering locations of constant fascination.

Canyoning is a sport that enables you to adventure through waterfalls, rapids and exciting descents on ropes. You can live this unique experience accompanied by the Mountain Guides from the province of Belluno who lead the visitors and provide all the necessary equipment (wet suit, helmet, footwear, ropes...) on excursions to the gorges and canyons that have been carved out over the centuries by the rivers of the Valbelluna valley, in the Agordino district and in the Zoldo Valley.