From late April, the meadows around Cortina begin to fill with vivid colours of wild flowers which, as the weeks go by, spread their magic in the mountains, awakening the landscape.
By May and June, the contrast between the bright green flowering meadows and the white peaks of the mountains makes an unforgettable spectacle.
In springtime go for a walk along the mountain streams which carry the water from the melting snow, such as to the source of the River Boite, or to the Fanes waterfalls in the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites.


In autumn the opposite occurs. In early October, at around 6,500 ft (2,000 m), the first larch trees begin to change colour, slowly spreading its vivid shades of yellow, gold and red downwards,  until the whole Ampezzo Valley is filled with an explosion of colour.

This is perhaps the most beautiful time of year to visit places like Lake Federa at Croda da Lago, the Larieto larch forest leading to Mietres, or the hiking trail from Ra Stua to the meadows of Lerosa.

Most of the lift facilities are closed in autumn, but many refuges are accessible by foot or by Jeep service.