Cortina360 baby climbing


In July and August, there are activities specially for the youngest visitors, based at the Cortina360 climbing gym in a space reserved specifically for them.

The activities are performed preferably outdoors, but in the case of bad weather, they can be conducted indoors. 

With games and activities designed to promote psychomotor skills, we try to introduce children to this sports activity, encouraging their enjoyment so that as soon as they can, and when their legs are strong enough, they can take part in climbing activities and mountain excursions in complete freedom and safety. In this way, children will also experience group dynamics and participate in shared activities, important elements in their development. 

Activities take place every day from 9.30am to 12.30pm. 

Single-session tickets are available, in addition to packages for multiple days. 


In addition, there are activities for older visitors, with the same daily schedule, but generally with longer duration (9.00am - 4.00pm); a range of activities are offered, not solely at the climbing gym, and with an outward and return shuttle service. These activities are also performed both in good and bad weather conditions. 

The programme comprises climbing courses or an introduction to the sport of climbing (if it is the visitor’s first experience), excursions, educational workshops, and cycling tours if desired.

There is a basic schedule which may vary according to the weather. 

Please contact us for further information!

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