Benessere Cortina Adima Bernardi


Adima Bernardi, 39 years old, was born in the splendid setting of Cortina d’Ampezzo’s mountains.

Her daily contact with nature induced her to study techniques of natural origin for psycho-physical wellness.

After having attained a Diploma in Aesthetic techniques, she became a Certified Naturopath, a Shiatsu massage therapist, and conducted a detailed study of holistic techniques for face and body massages.

In addition, she is a Yoga teacher. She has been practicing this profession for twenty years, and every month she performs studies in order to explore and update the techniques that enable her to attain personal wellness, both for herself and the customers who trust in her care.

Adima offers Shiatsu treatments, massages and yoga lessons, she suggests Bach flower remedies, essential oils, phytotherapeutic treatments, and she teaches relaxation and breathing techniques.

She operates within the elegant Park Hotel Victoria, in compliance with the hotel’s period of opening.

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