Andrea Rudes - Mindset Coach


In my role as Mental Coach, I help my clients to learn simple, practical and scientifically-tested techniques for:

  • Managing stress effectively and rapidly
  • Achieving mental clarity in order to define objectives
  • Developing winning strategies of personal, sports and professional growth

All this is performed by working on three levels:

  • Mind: by means of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness and Meditation I can help you to replace counterproductive thoughts with more effective thoughts, developing a winning mentality
  • Heart: using modern techniques such as Cardiac Coherence, developed by the HeartMath Institute and utilised by the Navy Seals, Nasa and the NFL, I can help you to train for more effective emotive responses in order to keep calm even in stressful situations and obtain maximum mental and physical performance
  • Body: benefiting from my experience as a Thai yoga instructor, I can help you with physical exercises, advanced breathing techniques and the assessment of your dietary habits in order to improve your physical wellness, developing your resilience and ensuring that you have all the energy you need to reach your objectives

The activities are performed at Cortina Medica (Corso Italia 164, 32043 Cortina d’Ampezzo) and at Spiaggia Verde (Località Fiames, Pian de Ra Spines), exclusively by appointment/on booking

 Italian (native language); English (EF Level 12 Upper Intermediate, CEFR Level B2)

For more information contact the place directly