A great show made up of races and events that will take place in Cortina d'Ampezzo from 7 to 21 February 2021.

The programme includes 13 men’s and women’s competitions, and will bring in Cortina more than 600 athletes from 70 nations, together with 6,000 people among which insiders, technicians, trainers, ski men and managers, in addition to the press and volunteers.

A global event that will involve over 500 million people connected live on television from all over the world, which adds up to the digital population connected through the media.

Find out the race calendar:
  • Sunday, 7th February: Opening ceremony
  • Monday, 8th February: Alpine Combined women
  • Tuesday, 9th February: SuperG men and SuperG women 
  • Wednesday, 10th February: Alpine Combined men
  • Thursday, 11th February: Training Downhill women and training Downhill men
  • Friday, 12th February: Training Downhill women and training Downhill men
  • Saturday, 13th February: Downhill women 
  • Sunday, 14th February: Downhill men
  • Tuesday, 16th February: Qualification Parallel Giant Slalom and Parallel Giant Slalom
  • Wednesday, 17th February: Alpine Team Parallel
  • Thursday, 18th February: Giant Slalom women 
  • Friday, 19th February: Giant Slalom men
  • Saturday, 20th February: Slalom women 
  • Sunday, 21st February: Slalom men and closing ceremony 

Sport, entertainment, core values like loyalty, respect and commitment, the dissemination of a culture of sport based on them. The territory of Cortina d'Ampezzo and the entire area of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage, the passion of athletes, fans, but also of the great team that makes up the organizing committee. Young people, sustainability, innovation, the material and immaterial legacy that a great event leaves to the territory.

Photo credits: Pentaphoto


The Ambassador

Two are the ambassadors of the 2021 Alpine Ski World Championships:
Kristian Ghedina, the Jet-man, master of the house, and Sofia Goggia, Olymic champion and winner of the specialty cup in 2018, who's very fond of Cortina d’Ampezzo.
Photo credits: Giacomo Pompanin

The Mascot

Corty, the red squirrel symbol of Cortina d'Ampezzo, dressed in ski attire becomes the official mascot of Cortina 2021 supporting the organizing committee in the promotion of events in different locations.
Photo credits: Pentaphoto