The charm of the landscape

From 05.01.2022 to 31.03.2022
La Cooperativa di Cortina
Address: Italia, 40 - 32043 Cortina D'Ampezzo (BL)

Cortina's Cooperativa awaits you with an area dedicated to Beauty, to magic and to the charm of the landscape. The concept is that of indulging in beauty to get away from everyday reality, stress and preoccupation. Look away to look into the world of the showcased artits, into their vision of reality letting oneself be transported in another point of view. The places portrayed transcend time, delivering a feeling of gratitude for the beauty and majesty of the panoramas surrounding Cortina.

"The mountains are mute masters who make for silent pupils". These words by Wolfgang von Goethe suit perfectly the artists who cought the message, filtered it through their hearts and conveyed it on canvas. The artists selected are among the best in Italy and abroad who were captivated by the beauty of the Dolomites. This exhibition is also an invitation to observing more attentively, to immerse in these enchanted places and let oneself be guided to our own artistic instinct.

The exhibition takes place in the staircase area of the Cooperativa di Cortina, from the balcony floor to the third floor.

La Cooperativa di Cortina Italia, 40 - 32043 Cortina D'Ampezzo (BL)