Cinque Torri Freeride

Elevation gain
1500 m

Take the first section of the Freccia nel Cielo cable-car up to Col Drusciè.

Descend to Piè Tofana and then take the chair-lift up to the Duca d’Aosta hut.

Take in the view, then freeride to Cianzopè, where you turn right, uphill, along the state road to the Cinque Torri chair-lift, which takes you up to the Scoiattoli hut.

Freeride again, first on a steep trail and steep road. At the bottom, before the junction road, turn right. More descent on surfaced road to then turn right onto the main road.

After about 1 km, near the hairpin bend, turn right into the gravel trail which leads to the dairy farm of Pezié de Parù from where, just below, you must turn right, off the road and into a trail down to Cason del Macaron.

Descend to Cortina via lake Ajal and Grotte di Volpera.