Crépe de Oucèra Basse

This crag is in a wooded area on the road from Cortina to the Giau Pass, and the rock faces can be seen from the Malga Peziè de Parù mountain hut. The wall is at a height of 1,610-1,660 metres, and it faces north. It is sheltered by the woods and in the morning it is lit by the sun, and so only rarely is it damp. The ideal period for climbing here is the summer season (May-October). 

This crag was one of the first to be used in Cortina, second only to Béco d’Ajàl. It is also one of the crags with most routes: there are over 80 pitches at easy-intermediate level, graded from 4 to 7c, with most of the routes graded 6. The crag is therefore suitable for beginners and even children. The wall was explored and bolted entirely by the Scoiattolo Diego Ghedina (“Tomasc”) in the early 1990s. 

The pitches differ in length, up to a maximum of 30 metres, and for this reason, a 70-metre rope is recommended. The rock is pocketed dolomite, shaped by the effect of water, and very compact, configured mainly in vertical walls. Bolts are closely-spaced, making the pitches ideal for beginners or for the first training sessions of the season.


Approach: From Cortina, drive towards Giau Pass – Falzarego Pass, and at the hamlet Pocol, after passing Hotel Argentina, turn off onto the SP638 road towards the Giau Pass. After about 3 km, after the first series of 5 narrow hairpin bends, park on the left in a small lay-by. On the other side of the road, take a flat track, and follow it for about 400 metres through thick forest. You will reach the wall in about 5 minutes.

Rest points

Malga Peziè de Parù, la Baita Il Cervo e il bar-ristorante dell’Hotel Argentina