Cortina is a paradise for everyone who loves mountain running. Ascents, long descents, rough terrains and easy tracks wind their way amongst peaks, valleys and evocative landscapes. You can run in the enchanting natural setting of the Ampezzo Dolomites, accompanied by nothing more than your running shoes, water bottle, and towering pinnacles.
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Cortina Skyrace


Run along the new fantastic itinerary that opens the 2015 North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail

Cortina trail

A short edition of The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail, that leads to the beautiful Dolomites of Giau and Falzarego Passes

Cortina-Averau-Croda da Lago


It is a hard but worthwhile itinerary for expert runners who want to touch the gentle hills and the sharp peaks of the Dolomites


Running in the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomite, where the old train ran and international athletes challenge



Sport and history, visiting the Ossuary dedicated to the soldiers who died in the First World War

Cortina-Nuvolau time trial


Running to the Nuvolau peak to win an enchanting view on the beautiful Dolomites

Cortina-Rifugio Giussani time trial


Immersed in the beauty of Tofana Mount, place closely linked to history and nature

Lakes Tour

Easy and pleasant itinerary that leads through the marvellous lakes, rivers and woods of the Cortina valley

Parks tour

Itinerary of medium difficulty that runs across the marvellous different landscapes of the Natural Park of Fanes-Sennes-Braies

Col Drusciè tour


Itinerary of priceless beauty toward the Ghedina Lake and Col Drusciè

Pianozes Lake tour

This itinerary leads to the Pianozes Lake, one of the most popular place in the Cortina Dolomites

Nuvolau tour


The itinerary leads to one of the most impressive peak of the Dolomites

Croda da Lago tour

Lunar landscapes, lush woods, a limpid lake and a breathtaking view, running around the Croda da Lago mount

Croda de r'Ancona tour

A rarely visited route that takes to Croda de r'Ancona, in the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites. A place where natural beauty and history meet.

Tofane tour


This route leads across one of the most impressive and enchanting mountains in Cortina

Pian de ra Spines tour


Easy running route, following the Boite river, with a breathtaking view on Cristallo and Pomagagnon mounts

Lavaredo Ultra Trail

This is the itinerary of the famous North Face Lavaredo Ultratrail, the international race that takes place in Cortina every year