Col Drusciè tour

Cortina d'Ampezzo
Cortina d'Ampezzo

A Trail Running route just outside the centre, that enables you to admire lakes, forests and all the beauty that Cortina can offer.

A circular route just outside the centre, that takes you to a number of monuments dating back to the VII Winter Olympics in 1956, enabling you to admire lakes, forests and all the beauty that Cortina can offer. The route is north-west of Cortina, in the area of the Tofane mountains.

Starting from the centre of Cortina, head towards the Olympic Ice Stadium, which in 1956 hosted the Opening Ceremony of the VII Winter Olympic Games, held in the Ampezzo Valley. After going past the building, head towards the Lino Lacedelli indoor climbing gym; behind this structure, take path n° 413 which, flanking the famous Eugenio Monti bobsleigh track, takes you gently into the heart of the forest.
 Carry on until you reach the road for Lake Ghedina, and follow it to the restaurant. Here you will discover a jewel of water in a natural setting of priceless beauty.

Take the dirt road n° 409 and then track n° 410 towards Piè Tofana; this will bring you directly to Col Drusciè, encountering unexpected lakes, pine forests and stunning views. When you reach Piè Tofana and the lower chairlift station, take track n° 405 which leads to the Malghe di Fedarola mountain huts. From here you can admire views over the entire Ampezzo Valley spreading below you, with the imposing Mount Faloria opposite, and Becco di Mezzodì completing the scene.
 From here, take track n° 403 which will enable you to complete the circular route, going through Pocol, Lacedel and Meleres, finally reaching Cortina.

Rest points

Ristorante Lago Ghedina, Rifugio Col Drusciè (a 300m), Ristorante Baita Piè Tofana, Baita Son dei Prade


14,8 Km
10% paved road, 70% dirt road, 20% single track
Positive elevation gain
807 m
Best time
June - September