Cortina d'Ampezzo

A Trail Running route that follows the disused railway, between Cortina and Dobbiaco, amidst forests and lakes.

The entire route follows the course of what used to be the old railway line, starting from Cortina d’Ampezzo and reaching Dobbiaco. The route offers breath-taking views of the Croda Rossa and Tre Cime di Lavaredo mountains, and over the lakes of Dobbiaco and Landro. The route is in the northern part of the Ampezzo Valley, in the Fiames area.

Starting from the centre, follow the “ex Ferrovia” (disused railway), northwards towards Fiames, and stay on it all the way. The route is flat and gentle, offering wonderful views of Cortina and some of its hamlets reached by the cycle path. The latter runs from north to south, and its name reflects the fact that until 1964 it was the track of the Treno delle Dolomiti (Dolomites Train) that started from Calalzo, running through Cortina and reaching Dobbiaco.  

Continue along the path, go past the “Antonella De Rigo” sports centre, and carry on towards Dobbiaco. The route includes sections through tunnels and across suspension bridges, with specific viewpoints from which to admire the Dolomitic peaks. The route is fairly flat, with a few places in which there are gentle uphill sections. The path also gives you the chance to admire both Lake Landro and Lake Dobbiaco.

The cycle path brings you to Dobbiaco railway station, where you can take public transport to return to Cortina, or continue further on.


Rest points

Hotel Fiames, Ristorante Ospitale, Chalet Passo Cimabanche, Ristorante Lago di Landro, Hotel Baur al Lago - Dobbiaco


30,40 Km
20% paved road, 80% dirt road
Positive elevation gain
674 m
Best time
May - October