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Cortina d'Ampezzo
Cortina d'Ampezzo

An unmissable circuit that starts in Mortisa and reaches lakes d’Ajal and Pianozes, crossing spectacular rivers and forests. This trail offers peace and astonishment in every section, for its unexpected panoramas, often refreshingly unfamiliar. The entire trail is to the west of Cortina, in the area of Mortisa, Pocol and Campo.

Starting from the characteristic Mortisa village, head towards track n° 428 which begins where the houses end, immediately taking you into the forest in a surreal atmosphere. On the route, you will enjoy subtle views of the mountains Becco di Mezzodì on one side and the majestic Antelao on the other, before you return into the midst of trees and dramatic rock formations. Continuing along the trail, on the right you will reach track n° 451, which brings you straight to Pocol. This section of the route is slightly uphill, with a total ascent of about 250 m, but the beauty of the forest and the peace of nature make the effort very rewarding. When you have reached the top, you will find yourself in the small village of Pocol; from here, continue on the provincial road Strada Provinciale 638 (towards the Giau Pass) to Peziè de Parù.

When you have reached this location, turn left and take track n° 406, a trail that is mainly downhill, and totally immersed amongst silver fir, larch and pine. When you reach the intersection with track n° 431, take this path and follow it towards Lake d’Ajal. This lake is an unexpected jewel in the heart of the forest: you will often see goslings and ducks who have by now made this place their home.

From here, take track n° 430 to Lake Pianozes, and then further on to reach Campo di Sotto, going through the houses on each side, and, heading towards the forest, take the uphill track n° 451 until you reach track n° 428 again, which will bring you back to Mortisa.


Rest points

Mortisa, Pocol, Malga Peziè de Parù, Rifugio Lago Ajal, Ristorante Lago Pianozes


9,4 km
Positive elevation gain
548 m