Alta Via n.1 - Day 2

4 h 30'
Rifugio Biella
Rifugio Fanes

To get from the Rifugio Biella to the Rifugio Sénnes (Ücia de Sénes, in Ladin) you can follow either of the following routes:


  1. Take the convenient S-shaped road marked n.6 which takes you easily to Sénnes in about an hour.
  2. Take the abovementioned road for about 1km, then take the path that branches off to the right (south-west; altitude 2260m; also marked n.6) and goes up through moorland to the nearby wide crest. Then go down the opposed grassy depressions to the south-west, then to the south, until the dirt road from where you will soon reach the Rifugio Sénnes, 2116m. This route takes about the same time as route a), but it offers more interesting flora and better views. 


The privately owned Rifugio Sénnes stands near the characteristic group of alpine huts dotted around the pastures of Alpe di Sénnes pleateau, a place of peace and serenity with the backdrop of the Croda Rossa d’Ampezzo, the Cristallo and the Fànes. It offers the same services as a small hotel and is open from June to mid-October. It is equipped with 50 beds, no winter shelter; tel: +39 0474 646355; cell: +39 328 7945579 ; email:


From the Sénnes, take the road marked n.7 and go southwards. Continue downhill through the grassy depressions across the vast Pian della Lasta, then, after leaving to the left (south/south-east) the path for the Rifugio Fodàra Vedla (also marked n.7), continue south-west, remaining on the road. Finally, the path proceeds across the narrow couloir between the Pici Parëis and the Col di Rü and descends steeply down the valley in sharp bends to the flat stretch where you will find the Rifugio Pederü, 1548m.


The Rifugio Pederü is also privately owned and offers basic hotel services from the beginning of June to mid-October; it offers 24 beds. Tel: +39 0474 50 10 86; email:


From the Rifugio Pederü the Alta Via n. 1 continues through the Valùn de Fànes along a fairly boring carriage – road, although the surroundings are quite interesting.

It is advisable to ask the refuge manager to take you to the Rifugio Fànes in his landrover. If you decide to continue on foot, you can follow either the road or the shortcuts on path n.7, passing through a fascinating, desolate, almost lunar environment . The surrounding peaks are strangely coloured and have a peculiar charm. Once past the beautiful little Lake of Le Piciodèl, 1819m, you pass alongside the Rü dal Plan (Torrente del Piano), up some bends, and at an altitude of 1988m, you turn decisively south. At 2022m, leave to the right (south-west) the road for the nearby Ücia Lavaréla (Rifugio

Lavarella, 2042m), go over a little bridge and reach Ücia de Fànes or the Rifugio Fànes, 2060m.


The Rifugio Fànes, built in 1928, is a fine, comfortable wood-panelled building. It is equipped with about 70 sleeps, a bar, and a restaurant. It is open from the beginning of June to mid-October and from December 26 to mid-April. Tel:+39   0474 453001.


The nearby Rifugio Lavarella is slightly smaller and more modest, but comfortable. Open from the beginning of June to the beginning of October. It provides basic hotel services, and is equipped with about 50 beds. The 7-12 path links it to the Alta Via just south of the Rifugio Fànes. It has a winter shelter. Tel: +39 0474 50 10 79; email:

Rest points

Rifugio Sénnes, Rifugio Fodàra Vedla, Rifugio Pederü, Rifugio Fanes, RIfugio Lavarella


14 km
Positive elevation gain
565 m
Negative elevation gain
830 m