Alta Via n.1 - Day 3

5 h
Rifugio Fanes
Rifugio Lagazuoi

From the Rifugio Fànes (locally known as Ücia de Fànes), follow the road marked n.10-11, which, after three sharp bends uphill, comes out onto the lunar plateau which leads to the Passo (pass) di Limo (Ju de Limo), 2174m, and to the nearby Lake Limo (Lé de Limo), 2159 m. South of the lake you meet first path n.10, then the road with the same number; both branch off to the left and go towards the Val di Fànes and Cortina d’Ampezzo. You should instead continue to the right along the dirt-track road, marked n.11, following the pasturelands, which soon lead to the Ücia di Gran Fànes (Malga Fànes Grande), c.2100m. Just after the malga (alpine hut), path n.17 branches off to the left. Ignore it, and follow path n.11 to the south-west. This leads to the Ju da l’Ega (Passo Tadéga), 2157m; from here you go up to the south along the Gran Pian. At a height of 2117m, just before the end of the dirt-track road, take path 20b to the left, which goes up decisively to the Forcella del Lago, 2486m, between the bold Torre del Lago and the massive Cima Scotóni in the Fànis Group.


From the forcella (saddle), go down southwards through steep gravel path, until you reach the splendid Oasis of Monte de Lagazuòi, with the magical, sparkling Lake Lagazuòi, 2182m, in whose waters is reflected the bold structure of the Torre del Lago and the Scotóni Peak, with the immense rock gate of the Cima Fànis Sud. Follow the shore of the lake on the western side and, shortly after, leave path n.20b - which branches off to the east - and continue on n.20 southwards.

The path reaches the Forcella Lagazuòi, 2573m. From here, it then goes up to the Rifugio Lagazuòi, 2752m, and to the arrival station of the cableway that comes from the Passo Falzàrego.


The Rifugio Lagazuòi is a comfortable building connected to the Passo Falzàrego by the cableway. Almost always open, privately owned, it offers basic hotel services and is equipped with 74 beds. it is an excellent stopping place, also thanks to the spectacular views that can be enjoyed from up there, particularly attractive at dawn and at dusk. Tel : +39 0436 86 73 03; email:

Rest points

Rifugio Lagazuoi


11 km
Positive elevation gain
1070 m
Negative elevation gain
375 m