The Fanes cascades

4 - 5 h

Between the waterfall Sbarco de Fanes and the like-named malga mountain hut at Fanes Grande, on its right bank the river Rio Fanes has carved all sorts of cavities, with many cascades, stream pools and rapids that are an invitation to dive in. Less well known than the waterfalls further downstream, the Fanes cascades are well worth visiting, offering a pleasant (though not always easy) walk in the forest that ends near the small mountain hut Malga Fanes.

In the morning, the location Sbarco de Fanes can also be reached by jeep.

Please note: as these routes are new and almost unexplored, it is necessary to be accompanied by a guide.


Equipped climbing route kit (if you want to visit the Fanes waterfalls)


Positive elevation gain
300 m