Visiting the Mondeval Man and Lake Federa

4 h 15'
Passo Giau
Ru Curto

This walk offers superb views of different types: Cortina seen from the Giau Pass, the extensive pastures surrounded by Dolomitic peaks at Mondeval, and the splendid Lake Federa in the midst of the forest.

The walk starts from the Giau Pass, on track n° 436 which takes you to the Mondeval plateau, from where there is a breathtaking view over Pelmo. This is the location of the Mesolithic burial-site of the famous Mondeval Man, whose remains date to over 7,500 years ago. The walk continues along the same track until you reach the gully Forcella Ambrizzola, from where you start going downhill along track n° 434 until you reach the evocative Lake Federa, set amidst the peak Becco di Mezzodì, the Croda da Lago mountain, and the mountain Lodge Rifugio Croda da Lago. The path continues along the lakeside and beyond, and then you take track n° 437 downhill through the forest until you reach Ru Curto, the starting point of the walk, on the Giau Pass state road.

As the starting and finishing points are not the same, you could use two cars, or even better, leave the car at Ru Curto at the start, and then take the bus for the Giau Pass (check times on the Dolomiti Bus website), so that you reach the car at the end of the trip.



Some of the uphill sections are fairly tiring.

Rest points

Berghotel Giau, Rifugio Palmieri (Croda da Lago)


12,1 km
2.360 m
Positive elevation gain
338 m
Negative elevation gain
954 m