The Polin ledge

7 h

This route follows the path of Alberto Polin, a local soldier who, during the First World War, discovered and conquered a semi-concealed ledge that provided access to a strategic point overlooking the Travenanzes valley from the Tofane mountains, enabling the Italian troops to organise their supplies. It starts from the mountain lodge Rifugio Dibona: you flank the Tofane mountains from the gully Forcella Col dei Bos, and then go down into the Travenanzes valley and back up using the via ferrata route Scala del Minighel, the first equipped via ferrata in Cortina d’Ampezzo and the Dolomites. From the ledge, you climb the gully Forcella Fontananegra, continue to the mountain lodge Rifugio Giussani and then carry on until you return to the starting point. If you would like to try a more Alpine path, you can take the “ferrata sabotata” (the “sabotaged ferrata route”), which starts near a cave and reaches the southernmost extremity of the Polin ledge.

Please note: as these routes are new and almost unexplored, it is necessary to be accompanied by a guide.


Rope, equipped climbing route kit, helmet


Positive elevation gain
900 m