Punta Nera

7 h

Punta Nera is a peak that dominates the southern entrance to Cortina, and it can be seen from the entire Ampezzo valley. However, as it is lower than the mountains Sorapiss and Marcora, very few hikers consider it a worthwhile peak. But in actual fact, it is the highest peak of the Ampezzo branch of the Sorapiss mountain group, and it provides superb though little-known views. The easiest route starts from the Faloria cable car and flanks the Tondi peaks. Proceeding uphill on an easy track on scree, you reach the gully Forcella Punta Nera, from where, with a few short sections of rock-climbing, you reach the peak. After returning to the gully, you can continue along the equipped route leading to Lake Sorapiss, then reaching the Tre Croci Pass. From here, you can return down into the valley by bus.

Please note: as these routes are new and almost unexplored, it is necessary to be accompanied by a guide.


Equipped climbing route kit, helmet, 30 m rope


Positive elevation gain
700 m