Via Ferrata Averau

2 h 30 min
Rifugio Averau
Rifugio Averau

An easy via ferrata that enables you to go all the way around Mount Averau and reach the famous summit cross. The route, which is accessible for everyone, even families, begins along a scree slope and continues along recesses in the mountain right up to the summit: from there, you can enjoy a superb panorama of the entire valley, with views of Cinque Torri and the majestic Tofana di Rozes.

To reach the mountain lodge Rifugio Averau, leave your vehicle at the Bai de Dones car park and take the chair lift to the mountain lodge Rifugio Scoiattoli; from there, track n° 439 brings you directly to the saddle of the like-named lodge. If you prefer to reach the mountain lodge on foot, after having left the car at Bai de Dones, take track n° 424 on the left until you reach the first fork, and then track n° 425 that runs through the forest and brings you to the mountain lodge Rifugio Cinque Torri. From here, continue along the dirt track until you reach the Rifugio Scoiattoli lodge at 2,255 m.

Alternatively, starting from the Falzarego Pass, take track n° 441-419 which skirts mount Croda Negra; this part takes about one and a half hours, and it brings you to the base of the Rifugio Averau mountain lodge.

From the lodge, continue northwards on the track that leads to the climb up the scree slope at the foot of Monte Averau. After reaching the top of the slope, after 15 minutes, you can begin the equipped trail near the north-eastern gully of mount Averau. The traverse begins diagonally until you reach the arête, with a few metres of vertical climbing; after a chimney and a sequence of rocky crags, you reach the ridge and then the summit cross.

From here the view is breath-taking: on the horizon are the mountains Pelmo, Civetta, Antelao, Sorapis, the Cinque Torri group and the majestic Tofana di Rozes.

For the return trip, follow the same route that you took to reach the summit. Watch out for other climbers who may be on the same path, and don’t dislodge stones.

Rest points

Rifugio Nuvolau, Rifugio Averau, Rifugio Scoiattoli


The via ferrata equipment: helmet, harness, appropriate climbing gloves and the via ferrata kit.


2649 m
Positive elevation gain
394 m
Negative elevation gain
394 m