Gores di Federa

Gores de Federa (Gorges of Federa) is the hike prepared by the Regole d’Ampezzo starting from the Federa bridge (1,600m) and reaching Malga Federa (1,800m).

Malga Ra Stua Refuge


Simple and worth while walk into the wood to reach Malga Ra Stua Refuge in a marvellous meadow

Trekking - Hiking ex-railway line


This beautiful route passes through the whole valley and can be easily reached from the Cortina’s city centre.

Trekking - The Painter of Monte Faloria Hike

This hike takes you past places nestling at the foot of the mountains where the God Silvanus is said to live...

Trekking - Hiking of the dirt road "Strada de Convento"

Once the site of the army munitions deposit...

Trekking - Hiking Pian de Ra Spines


An easy relaxing route near the Natural Park.