A typical local bread prepared with a blend of rye and wheat flours, and perfumed with aromatic herbs (usually cumin and fennel seeds). It comes in two versions, either as a soft loaf, or dry and crispy.


Ravioli in a crescent moon shape, red when filled with beetroot - a strictly local variety - or green when made with spinach or with the wild herbs that abound in the springtime meadows.


Gnocchi of dry bread filled with cured speck meat, spinach or cheese, and served in broth or with melted butter and grana cheese.


Small green wheat flour gnocchi, served either with speck and cream or with gorgonzola.

Ampezzo potatoes

Stir-fried with abundant onion and intensely flavoured local cured speck.

Buckwheat cake

A cake with a rustic taste, sweetened with cranberry jam.

Apple strudel

Chopped apple, raisins and pine nuts, perfumed with cloves and cinnamon and wrapped in flaky pastry.
Served hot with a sprinkle of icing sugar and a dash of vanilla sauce, cream or ice cream.

Raspberries and ice cream

Hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream.

Barley soup

A minestrone made with pearled barley, chopped vegetables and smoked meat.


Literally meaning ‘the Emperor's omelette’, this is essentially a thick crepe, cut into pieces, sprinkled with icing sugar and served with cranberry or blackcurrant jam.