Restaurant Tivoli


Thanks to Graziano Prest’s cooking the restaurant has become one of the best of Cortina. Apart from game and lamb there is also plenty of fish from the nearby fish markets of Venezia and Chioggia. Shellfish are much appreciated, starting from crayfish tartar with marinated fennels and potato mayonnaise, following with pumpkin ravioli with scallops and prawns. Indulge yourself with the classic homemade dish of prawns fried in crunchy polenta. Finally end your meal with a special dessert suggested by the chef, “carosello ai cinque cioccolati” (literally “five chocolate merrygo- round”) . The restaurant is also available for private catering service.



This place is open
Opening periods:
From 07/12 to 30/04
From 17/06 to 25/11
For more information and to know the weekly closing day, contact the place directly



Via Lacedel, 34 - 32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo (Belluno)

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