In the workshops and shops of Cortina d’Ampezzo artisan objects testify to the genuine and original artistic expression of the local craftsmen. In fact, the local artisans are often called upon to practice their trade all over Italy and even abroad.

The range of local art and crafts products is rich and attractive, and includes dec­orative artistic wood workings, as well as objects made from iron, brass, cop­per and glass. Items range from decora­tive objects for the home and traditional hand-made tiled ceramic stoves, to exquisite jewellery and products made with alpine flowers like arnica, edel­weiss and other local plant varieties.

During your stay in Cortina d’Ampezzo we recommend that you take the time to visit one of the artisan shops or work­shops. Perhaps you will find a small sou­venir to bring home to remind of your stay in the Ampezzo Valley.


The Filigree is an antique technique that used a silver thread to produce jewelry and items of exceptional quality.

The Tarkashi is a woodworking technique introduced in Cortina dAmpezzo around 1881 by John Coddington, on his return from a trip to India. This is an elaborate decoration technique, with filigree and metal wires embedded in the wood.

Over the years, craftsmen have renewed and refined their creations, without ever turning their back on tradition, however.


Glass crafts have evolved over the years with specializations in differ­ent techniques.
The glass workshops produce tableware, lamps, pictures and much more.


Admire original creations in wrought iron, brass, copper and steel.

Objects are shaped by combining iron with other materials such as wood, ceramics, glass and fabric to create modern and clas­sic collections.

This multitude of materials is matched by an extremely high level of quality and style in terms of production.


Unique artefacts testify to the value of the hand­made, created by artisans of Cortina dAmpezzo, according to ancient woodworking methods, employing local raw materials and techniques passed down through generations.

The countless forms and materials used by the skilled craftsmen of Ampezzo, carrying on the traditions and knowledge of ancient crafts.


Deer antlers are carved to create decorative objects, furnishings and jewelry. Commonly used for producing chandeliers in the local tradition.

In an age when the speed of change often leads to traditions being lost or distorted, Cortina's determined efforts to protect its territory, coupled with the large tourist presence, has not only safeguarded skilled crafts, but has also helped the town to achieve extremely high quality standards.


Flowers and plants are used by professional flo­rists to create delicately coloured and perfumed compositions.

In floral craft shops you'll find irresistible artisan creations made with arnica, edelweiss and other mountain plants provided by nature.