Cortina’s artisans are very skilled and creative, and their talent is recognised also by foreign clients who call them to work on their homes all over the world. 

The range of local products is rich and attractive, including decorative artistic wood crafts as well as objects made from iron, brass, copper and glass. Local tradition and personal creativity intertwine in the production of items ranging from objects for the home to exquisite jewellery.

During your stay in Cortina d’Ampezzo, we recommend that you take the time to visit one of the artisan shops or workshops to dive into the local tradition and take home an authentic souvenir.

Filigree and Tarkashi

Filigree is an ancient technique to produce jewelry starting from a silver thread. Its use is very traditional in Cortina, since most jewels of the traditional dress are made with this technique.
Tarkashi is an ancient art to decorate wooden objects inlaying metal wires in wood. This woodwork technique comes from India, but has a long tradition in Cortina since it was introduced here by Lord John Coddington in 1881.

Locals have learned the original technique adding new and personal elements, such as the use of mother-of-pearl in addition to the traditional copper and silver threads, making tarkashi an art that has somehow become local and is still practised by a few artisans.


Glass crafts have evolved over the years with different techniques, and today glass workshops produce tableware, lamps, pictures and much more.

Original creations in wrought iron, brass, copper and steel are some other of Cortina’s traditional crafts. Objects are shaped by combining iron with other materials such as wood, ceramics, glass and fabric to create modern and classic collections. This multitude of materials is matched by an extremely high level of quality and style.


Unique wooden artefacts testify to the value of local artisans, who follow ancient woodworking methods, employing local raw materials and crafts passed down from generation to generation.

Carpentry shops and workshops use different woods to produce different items, from pieces of furniture to objects for the home.

Deer antlers are carved to create decorative objects, furnishings and jewelry and are also commonly used to produce chandeliers.