A campaign to raise awareness on the subject of refuse in the mountains aimed at adults and children by Fabio Vettori!

Cortina says no to rubbish left on the mountains! Help is on its way from Fabio Vettori, a famous Italian illustrator who, since 1972, has been drawing his famous ants, which over time have become his trademark.

“If you love the mountains, take your rubbish home!”. A simple and direct message that the Municipality of Cortina d’Ampezzo wants to transmit to its guests this summer, guiding them along six trails around the Ampezzo basin with awareness and respect for nature and the local environment. A new motto proposed by the Ampezzo administration to teach tourists to respect the mountain landscape. There are two objectives: the first is to invite excursionists to keep the environment clean, and the second is to help mountain lodge operators not to have to spend enormous sums to transport waste down to the valley, an operation that sometimes has to be carried out with the use of a helicopter. 

Visitors to Cortina will soon be welcomed by 2 thousand maps with images by the cartoonist Fabio Vettori, together with 12 thousand stickers corresponding to predefined destinations indicated at the moment of collecting the map (which can be picked up at the IAT - Infopoint in Corso Italia 81, at hotels belonging to the Cortina Hotelier Association, who will distribute them to guests, and at the Office of the Alpine Guide Group and the Mario Rimoldi Museum in the centre of Cortina.

Furthermore, excursionists will find signs with the slogan “If you love the mountains... take your rubbish home!” along the most popular trails. The signs will invite children and adults not to leave rubbish in the woods.

Paola Coltelli, the councillor for Urban Decorum, who masterminded and set up the project, explained: “We want to educate excursionists, teaching forms of behaviour that can help preserve and protect plants and animals. To this end, we involved the cartoonist Fabio Vettori, who is creating materials featuring his famous ants that will be placed along the trails. Picnics in the mountains are fantastic. You can climb up with bags full, and go back down much lighter, even if you take all the empty packaging with you! It is a matter of respecting the environment, and also a way to help the people running the mountain lodges”.

Children will also have fun with the stickers. They will be able to collect the stickers for the mountain lodges they visit during their excursions and shown on Vettori’s map. Once the map has been completed, it can be used to collect a prize!

A project with the patronage of the Municipality of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Cortina Marketing, Regole d’Ampezzo and the UNESCO Dolomites, and implemented in collaboration with the Cortina Hotelier Association, the Cortina Alpine Guide Group and C.A.I. Cortina, which brings together an entire community in the name of a clean environment and positive civil education.

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