Off the race track 22/02/2021

The long tradition of alpine skiing in Cortina

Cortina d’Ampezzo is one of the original Alpine destinations, part of a small group of pioneer towns where mountain tourism begun. These are the places where winter and summer mountain sports developed and which hosted the early editions of some events that have now become world famous, including the Winter Olympics.

Off the race track 17/02/2021

Building up to the events: news and improvements for the World Ski Championships and 2026 Winter Olympics

The excitement for the World Ski Championships is palpable in Cortina: it was since the preparation for the 1956 Olympics that the town did not live such an intense phase of joint public and private investment and renovations, involving different sectors and infrastructure: accommodation, roads, electricity lines, high-speed fiber, ski lifts and slopes.

Off the race track 15/02/2021

Cortina’s two and a half World Ski Championships

From the second edition ever to 2021, Cortina is one of the few destinations in the World with such a strong and lasting bond with the history of skiing. Including the cursed Championships of 1941.

Off the race track 12/02/2021

Night shifts on the slopes: the backstage work of the track crew

As the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships are taking place in Cortina, over 450 people are working to prepare the tracks, with 20 snow groomers and 25 quads, in order to provide the athletes with the best possible racing conditions.

Off the race track 11/02/2021

The Olympic story of piste-side mountain lodges

In the early decades of Alpine tourism, visitors were drawn to the mountain by a deep, almost mystical longing for discovery, exploration and epic sports. While times have changed – and so have tourists – those early days have left a heritage that is still very tangible in the Dolomites: mountain lodges.

Off the race track 10/02/2021

Kristian Ghedina and his silver-medal ravioli

Kristian Ghedina, Ghedo for friends and fans, is Cortina's local world champion, one of the best Italian downhillers of the 1990s and ambassador of the 2021 World Ski Championships.