Christmas in Cortina: a feast for the senses

Christmas in Cortina: a feast for the senses

Christmas is by tradition a feast for the senses: the taste of a dinner with family or friends, the smell of spices of mulled wine and cakes, the sound of festive music, the cold and energising air, the beauty of gifts and decorations…
Cortina enhances the typical Winter Holiday cozy and festive feeling with a series of music and art events.


El gnée. Snow related traditions, games and expressions

22nd December – 22nd April

The Ethnographic Museum “Regole d’Ampezzo” hosts an exhibition completely dedicated to snow. Snow has the power to set the pace of people’s lives, and the exhibition El gnée investigates its influence on the local culture of Cortina. Period photos, documents and descriptions depict the activities of the local population during winter times, accompanied by the several sayings about snow and winter in the local Ladin language.
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22nd December – 22nd April

Photographer Stefano Zardini celebrates snow as the protagonist of winter in its most unusual, unexpected and exciting aspects. The concept is a different look on snow, as an element that serves as protagonist as well as background of a landscape that becomes standardised, making it easier to understand that what we see depends on our ability to look.
The exhibition can be visited at the Ikonos Art Gallery from 11am to 1pm and from 5pm to 8pm.


Andy Warhol Superstar

7th December – 22nd April

Cortina d’Ampezzo is hosting a colourful exhibition on the founding father of Pop Art. “Andy Warhol Superstar” features more than 100 pieces of Warhol, perhaps the wittiest interpreter of mass society and consumerism, whose art is also an analysis of the American society of the 60s.
The Mario Rimoldi Modern Art Museum will showcase some of the artist’s most important pieces such as the iconic Marilyn (1967) and 1980’s Campbell’s Soup.
“Andy Warhol Superstar” tells the story of a man, character and artist that changed the history of art as well as that of music, cinema and fashion, by reshaping any pre-existing aesthetic concept.
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Per aspera ad astra

On special days during the winter season

The name of the exhibition, a Latin figure of speech meaning “through hardship to the stars”, perfectly fits the content and the location. The exhibition is indeed at Cima Tofana, 3,244m above sea level, at the arrival station of the last stretch of the Freccia nel Cielo cable car. It is organised in collaboration with the Guide Alpine di Cortina in occasion of the 50 years of the cable car to celebrate the conquest of the highest peaks before lifts were available.
The exhibition can be visited only on the days the cable car to Cima Tofana operates. For further information and updates:


Christmas in music

23rd December – 9pm

The atmosphere of the St. Filippo and Giacomo Church will become even more magic with the concert of the local boys and girls of the Young Band.

25th December –  11.15am

Christmas day is greeted every year by the parade of the traditional band of Cortina, the Corpo Musicale di Cortina d’Ampezzo, in the pedestrian Corso Italia.

28th December – 9pm

The traditional performance of the Corpo Musicale di Cortina d’Ampezzo in the St. Filippo and Giacomo Church is a beautiful experience of music and traditional costumes.

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Epiphany Concert of the Virtuosi del Teatro alla Scala

4th January

The Alexander Girardi Hall will be the venue of the Epiphany’s Grand Concert of the Virtuosi group of Milan’s Scala Theatre. The event, promoted by the historical Hotel de la Poste, will have the best members of the Scala’s orchestra and philharmonic perform.




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