Belluno, visit to the city centre

Belluno is the capital of the province in which Cortina is located.
A town set in a superb mountain landscape, with the Dolomites to the north and the Venetian Prealps to the south. In addition, part of its territory is included in the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park. This is a unique habitat with significant interest from the naturalistic and environmental point of view, with exceptional flora and fauna and remarkable value in terms of landscape. 

Fun Bob, the alpine roller coaster

The Fub Bob in Auronzo di Cadore is the longest in Italy (3 kilometres).
The track starts at an altitude of 1,361 m, and it winds down the ski pistes, going through hairpin bends, straight sections and generous curves. The Fun Bob is the best-loved and most enjoyable attraction of Cadore’s summer. 

Canoe or pedalo on lake Santa Caterina

On the lake at Auronzo di Cadore, you can rent pedalos and canoes to enjoy its beauty from close-up.
This is a way of seeing the environment from a different viewpoint, combining sports activities with moments of relaxation. 
 In addition, on the banks of the lake there are refreshments facilities, a fully-equipped beach and a swimming pool, and you can go round the lake on foot or by bicycle using the cycle-pedestrian path. 

Fishing on the Centro Cadore lake

The lake’s shores are in a number of towns in the Cadore district: Pieve di Cadore, Calalzo di Cadore, Domegge di Cadore, Lozzo di Cadore and Lorenzago di Cadore.
There are many points of access for performing activities such as sports fishing or hiring canoes and pedalos. 

Rowing on lake Misurina

Dive into this wonderful panorama and discover it from a different point of view.
Lake Misurina, in the municipality of Auronzo di Cadore, is another lake on which you can hire rowing boats or pedalos.