Hiking pass

Cortina Vertical Pass is a 1, 3-, 5-, or 7-day ticket to be used freely, throughout the summer, until the purchased days have expired. The offer includes the possibility of purchasing the "Cortina Vertical Season Pass" valid until the end of the 2022 summer season.
The Hiking Pass gives you access to the lift facilities in the valley.
Multiple-day hut-to-hut hikes, such as the Tour of the Dolomites, can be organized on request, complete with luggage transport.

Validity: from 1 to 7 days

On sale at lift facilities.
Special rates for Children

The Hiking Pass is valid from the time of purchase for lift facilities open during the offer period.

Cortina Bike Pass

A single pass gives access to all the lift facilities indicated for bikers.
Cortina has bike routes of every variety, from single trails to thrilling freeride descents, immersed in spectacular Dolomite scenery.

Special rates for Children
The Bike Pass is valid from the time of purchase for lift facilities open during the offer period.

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The Bike Pass gives access to the following lift facilities:

  • Funivia Cortina-Mandres
  • Funivia Mandres-Faloria
  • Seggiovia Gilardon-Roncato
  • Seggiovia Rio Gere - Son Forca
  • Seggiovie Piè Tofana - Duca d’Aosta - Pomedes
  • Seggiovia 5 Torri
  • Seggiovia Fedare – Nuvolau
For further information and rates: https://www.skipasscortina.com/bike-pass

Dolomiti SuperSummer Card

The convenient and versatile Point System Card gives you even more freedom to explore the Dolomite peaks as it can also be used by family members and friends.  It is valid for the entire summer and can be used on more than 100 lift systems in the 12 Dolomite valleys.

The card is available with 800 or 1,400 units. Bike transport is excluded.

The Multi-day Card enables you to fully enjoy the Dolomites on your MTB, across a region that offers trails and spectacular downhills for all levels of difficulty.
Select the days of validity within a specified period.

There are two options available, 3 days out of 4, and 5 days out of 7.

For further information and rates

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