Herbs, fruits, seeds: all the goodness of nature

Growing many different types of vegetables, not to mention fruit, in the Alpine climate has always been difficult. However, mountain woods and meadows have several fruits, herbs and other tasty secrets to offer those who know where to find them - and how to use them.
Wild herbs growing in the Ampezzo Valley include cumin and juniper, which are used to season meats or to flavour grappas, as well as bladder campion, cheròute in the local language, best used for risottos and casunziei, Cortina’s traditional ravioli. 
Elderflower syrup is a summer classic for a refreshing moment, simply with water or at aperitivo in the form of a hugo, a cocktail with elderflower syrup, prosecco, sparkling water, mint leaves and ice.
While most Alpine ingredients are long-known in the local tradition, some are of more recent use, and can be tasted in several of Cortina’s restaurants: local chefs offer dishes with ingredients such as mountain-pine cones perfumed oil or spruce needles flavour.
With those ingredients, a dish or drink becomes not only a moment of pleasure, but also a way to experience the most authentic elements the territory has to offer.

Local spirits

One of the most famous drinks and cultural features made in the Ampezzo Valley is a potent spirit called grappa.
With roughly 40° alcohol, distilled from grapes, berries and even home-grown herbs such as juniper. There are countless variants of grappa, from the purest to the most intensely aromatised with fruit or local herbs.
This strong naturally aromatic drink is traditionally homemade, mostly from traditional recipes, often times using local and self-produced ingredients.

Grappa is a fragrant after dinner drink at home as well as typical in trendy wine-bars and cafés,  mountain farms and lodges, the options are endless, in town as well as on the mountain. 
Sipping a shot glass of homemade grappa on the slopes, for après ski, or after a good traditional lunch or dinner as a digestive is a well-established trend in Cortina d'Ampezzo, to enjoy your stay to the last sip.