Baby Ranch Dolomiti Socrepes

The ponies Iside, Iusas, Irene and Spirit are patiently waiting for your arrival, under the watchful eye of Robin Hood, “the gentle giant”, a Shire horse, the largest breed in the world.
Theory and practical lessons are conducted by the guide Elettra Monico, providing the most appropriate introduction to the world of ponies, earning their complete cooperation in order to perform increasingly difficult exercises, both groundwork and in the saddle.

Tel. +39 0436 861263
Loc. Lacedel, 1
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Enrosadira educational farm

The farm Enrosadira breeds Icelandic horses and is located only a few kilometres from the town centre of Cortina, in the area of Campo.
In this lovely setting, Alessia Pompanin, owner of the farm, began her experience in the world of anthrozoology by promoting activities in this field, practicing barefoot trim and natural hoof care.
For the entire winter season, she offers riding lessons on prior booking.

For a few years, the farm has also been offering rural hospitality, services well worth exploring!

 Loc. Campo di Sopra, 21
 E-mail: [email protected]