Winter Excursions

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  • Giro di Val Fonda

    The Val Fonda jealously guards what remains of the two small Cristallo and Popena glaciers, some of the last traces of Ice Age forces that enveloped the Dolomites. The area is particularly suited to ski mountaineering and, with its steep gullies that

  • Lago di Costalaresc

    This is a short but interesting round trip that explores the area at the foot of Monte Faloria, just above Cortina and close to the immense Monte Cristallo. It leads to the “bewitched” Lake Costalaresc and has an excellent view over the Ampezzo basin

  • Mandres - Fraina

    This is an easy itinerary at the foot of Monte Faloria, close to Cortina. It leads almost level through larch forests and past rocky outcrops that still nowadays echo the legends and history of the first inhabitants of the Dolomites.

  • Monte Pore

    Monte Pore, with its large iron summit cross, stands out like an immense white, beckoning pyramid above Passo Giau. The best way to answer its call is to put on snowshoes and walk to the summit – although demanding, it’s definitely highly satisfying.

  • Snowshoes Cascate di Fanes

    A 90m high waterfall marks the entrance to the Valle di Fanes. This is the highest in the Dolomites and in winter the ice freezes all the way down to the base. The surroundings are truly spectacular and this beautiful round-trip finishes off beneath

  • Snowshoes Castello di Podestagno

    Although the history of the ancient building at Podestagno is described on wooden boards throughout the walk, there are no documents that trace its true origins. It is believed that the first buildings were constructed in 600 by the Longobardi, proba