Ski Mountaineering - Malga Ciapela - Forca Rossa (Marmolada)

Difficultymedium Time3,30 hours

Very difficult itinerary across the wonderful Franzedàs valley. The starting point is Malga Ciapela (1450mt). Suitable for experts only.


  • Gear: good ski alp equipment: ARTVA, snowshovel, sonwprobe, helmet
  • Rest stops: Farmhouse Malga Ciapela
  • Marmolada Dolomite Group
  • Forca Rossa Summit
  • South Face
  • 2490 m Altitude
  • 2080 m Change in elevation
  • 1040 m Vertical gain
  • 1040 m Vertical loss
  • very steep and fresh snow Ground
  • Malga Ciapela Start
  • Forca Rossa Finish
  • December to April Time of the year
  • high Popularity