Ski Mountaineering Monte Rite (Val di Zoldo)

Difficultymedium Time4/5 hours return

The Anello Zoldano street (479), closed to traffic, runs from Passo Cibiana (1536 m) to Monte Rite (2183 m - 2 hours 30 minutes). There is a path runs from Passo Cibiana to the top: follow the street till the first hairpin turn, there turn in westly direction, following the path till Col d'Orlando (1853 m) and Forcella Deona (2053 m). There, follow the street again till the top of Monte Rite (2183 m; 3 hours).


  • Gear: Ski mountaineering equipment, snowshovel, snowprobe, ARTVA, helmet
  • Monte Rite Summit
  • 2183 m Altitude
  • 650 m Vertical gain
  • Route n° 347 at Passo Cibiana Start
  • Monte Rite Finish
  • Bar, restaurant at Cibiana Pass Time of the year