Ski Mountaineering - Palafavera-Coldai

The Coldai lake, under the North-West side of Monte Civetta, is easily reachable also during the winter, with good snow conditions. Because of the characteristics of the area, pay attention to snowslide. Starting from Palafavera (1505 m) in Val di Zoldo, follow the path till Malga Pioda (1816 m), Rifugio Sonino al Codai (closed during the winter season) and the lake. Go back following the same path.


  • Gear: Ski mountaineering equipment, snowshovel, snowprobe, ARTVA, helmet
  • Civetta Dolomite Group
  • 2132 m Altitude
  • 846 m Vertical gain
  • Palafavera Start
  • Rifugio Coldai Finish