Ski Mountaineering Rifugio Carestiato (Val di Zoldo)

Difficultyeasy Time2/3 hours return

From Passo Duràn go up to the hill behind Rifugio Tomè (n. 549, Alta Via n. 1) till you join the forest road. Following the path in 1 hour and 30 minutes you will see the Rifugio Carestiato.

  • Gear: Ski mountaineering equipment, snowshovel, snowporbe, ARTVA, helmet
  • Rest stops: Rifugio at Passo Duràn and Rifugio Carestiato (dureing the opening on the week end)
Warnings: Easy, short and sunny ski mountaineering walk
Notes: Easy, short and sunny ski mountaineering walk
  • 1834 m Altitude
  • 230 m Vertical gain
  • Passo Duràn Start
  • Rifugio Carestiato Finish